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  • Click the "Sign Up!" tab above.

  • Click "'22-'23 School Year Registration." (this will take you to the Parent Portal in MyClubHub).

  • This log-in page will open

mch login page.png
  • If you're a current member, enter your primary email we have on file. Then click "Need a Login?" to create a password. 

  • If you're a new member, click "Need a login?", enter your email and create a password. 

  • You'll now be in the Parent Portal. 

  • Click "Browse Memberships."

  • In the top left corner of your screen, make sure "Current Location" is set to the Club you wish to attend (Wisconsin Rapids, Nekoosa or Port Edwards). 

  • Select a membership type- School Year Program, Annual Program, or Summer Program. 

  • On the screen that pops up, select a membership.

  • If a membership is full, it will be indicated as such and you will be unable to select it. You may select the appropriate waitlist instead. 

  • Select the contacts (your children) you wish to register and click "Next."

  • Answer any custom questions that pop up for your contacts (each child will be on a separate tab; be sure to answer all questions on each tab). 

  • Sign any contracts or waivers that pop up. 

  • Review your "transaction summary."

  • Click "Pay Now." 

  • Select "Make Payment" or "Pay at Club." 

  • In MyClubHub, the parent is labeled as the "household" and the parent's child(ren) is labeled as the "contact" belonging to that household. 

  • After registering for a membership, you will be able to view all Memberships & Registrations belonging to contacts within your household. 

  • Whenever you'd like to update your contact information or check on the status of your child's registration, go to the purple "Parent Portal" box at the top or bottom of our website!

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